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LC Man History

Eliassy brothers, as the founders of the collection, started their activity in the field of importing clothes from England, Italy, Germany and Turkey in 1976, following their fatherly profession. After several years and according to the interactions created with Turkish clothing manufacturers, an opportunity was provided to partner with one of the prestigious factories in the country. Production in Turkey began with the LC Man brand, and of course in four semi-industrial workshops in Iran. They continued. Gradually, with the development of the market and increasing demand, they decided to establish a menswear production unit with modern world standards in Iran, and in 2014, with the cooperation of local experts and consultants from Germany and Italy, set up one of the most modern industrial garment factories in the Middle East. They covered an area of ​​one hectare in the industrial town.

Relying on technical knowledge and long experience, along with understanding the needs of customers, my LC brand tries to take a big step in the field of clothing production with a worthy production of the people of Iran. My LC team is motivated and active in trying to meet the needs of its customers through the production and supply of various products with quality and effort to progress and gain high experience in the field of fashion and clothing.

Outlook Statement

  • – Creating world-renowned brands.
  • – Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and production of distinctive products and services with the best quality and the most appropriate price to become the most admirable Iranian company.
  • – Dynamic employment.

Mission Statement

Providing products with superior quality and value creation by relying on motivated and innovative partners who improve the lives of national and international customers and consumers and improve the welfare of employees; In a way that recognizes us all through sustainable growth, market leadership, trusted brands, and a commitment to ethical values ​​and social responsibility. We are proud of the fact that society recognizes us as a credible organization, a leader in updating and organizational change, dynamic, responsible, entrepreneurial, benevolent and valued by social rights, and we are aware of our long way to go and our heavy responsibilities.

Our mission at LC Man is to build an effective relationship with our customers and to produce and supply products suitable for all ages and tastes. The success of our team depends on innovation, creativity and striving to be superior. LC Man, as the largest clothing manufacturer in the region, offers new experiences and concepts in the field of business and customer orientation. The mission of our group is to overcome shortcomings along with foresight.

LC Man Staff

Our team is a family of ۷۰۰ people with different experiences, valuable skills and common goals to achieve success. The key to the growth and success of our organization is to have talented staff, will and activity in line with long-term goals and approaches of the board. One of our honors is that everyone can move forward by improving their skills.

Organizational values

  • Consequentialism
  • Customer orientation
  • Dynamic employment creation
  • Spreading the spirit of leadership
  • – Development of trade cooperation
  • – Promoting the social status of the organization
  • – Learning, innovation and continuous improvement
  • Flexibility in performing activities
  • – Development and participation of colleagues and teamwork
  • – Responsibility and accountability for performance

Statement of Value

We consider ourselves responsible for the culture of covering all our compatriots. The goal of the founders of this collection, which after years of effort and experience is now crystallized in the thoughts and actions of colleagues and employees, is to try to produce the best products and offer them to compatriots and improve the quality of clothing and products.

This is followed by differentiation, business development, productive employment and a responsible attitude in society. We believe that by doing our best, we can do our duty to our customers by offering quality services and products to domestic and global markets and helping to increase GDP, both nationally and internationally, which will result in a higher level of satisfaction that they truly deserve. They are the best. We have always tried to provide a suitable platform for economic and technological growth, relying on national capabilities and localization of technology; By sharing new learnings and valuable experiences, we can provide the necessary platform for the best performance and balanced growth with the best performance, and in addition to creating direct jobs by creating a religion for the country, promoting a culture of covering people and creating sustainable indirect jobs as much as possible. Gardim. With a belief in consumer rights and environmental protection, we pursue sustainable survival, growth and development by creating differentiation, continuous improvement and strengthening entrepreneurship in new businesses. Our customers and partners are our main assets and our growth depends on their growth. LC Man brand tries to provide a suitable platform for cooperation of compatriots inside and outside the country in an Iranian company with the ability of international competition by attracting specialized, ethical, elite, talented, result-oriented people with high intellectual and executive ability.



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