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Almond is a fruit, the tree of which is native to Iran and neighboring countries and Central Asia, but is cultivated in many areas.

Almonds are not really real kernels, but a type of shaft that has an outer shell and a hard inner shell in which the seed (kernel) is placed.

The height of the almond tree is 4 to 10 meters and its diameter can reach more than 30 centimeters. The type of car that has small cores is called Arjen.

Iran is the fifth largest producer of this fruit with 6% production. 49% of almond kernels are oil, which is 62% of the energy content per 100 grams of almond kernels is 576 kcal.

The largest dryland almond tree in Iran is located in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

Almond production

In 2017, world production of almonds amounted to 2.2 million tons, of which 46% belonged to the United States. Other major producing countries, including Spain, Iran and Morocco, accounted for a total of 22% of world production of this product.

Almonds need full sun, warm weather and plenty of water to grow and produce fruit. Because almonds are so vulnerable to cold weather, places like California are ideal for growing almonds.

Over the past few years, almond production has increased worldwide, from 1.03 million tons in 2014/2015 to 1.35 million tons in 2018/2018.


Barberry is a shrub with a thorny stem that reaches a height of 4 meters. The wood of this tree is brown, red or yellow. Its leaves are oval with serrated teeth and its flowers are clustered and yellow. The branches of barberry have many razors.

Barberry fruit is red, fleshy, oval and has a sour taste. The part used in this plant is the root, root and stem bark, leaves, flowers and fruit. The end of spring and the beginning of summer is the flowering season of the barberry plant. It is yellow in color and turns cherry red in autumn. Barberry is native to temperate and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world, among which Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, with nearly 97% of the land under cultivation of this crop, produces 95% of the world’s barberry.


Walnut is the fruit of trees of the genus Juglans (family Juglandaceae). Especially Persian or English walnuts, which are known as Juglans regia.

Walnuts, like almonds, are the edible seeds of a plum tree and therefore not a true plant kernel. However, everyone refers to it as nuts.

Once the edible seeds of the walnut tree are fully ripe, when the bark is removed, it is used as a seasoning, food preparation or snack.


The most expensive spice in the world with extraordinary properties is saffron and it is one of the spice and medicinal plants in the world that is cultivated in Iran, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Pakistan and Morocco. It is one of the most important sources of non-oil exports in our country and every year more than 75% of saffron produced in the country is exported outside of Iran, including the UAE, India and Europe.

It is a perennial plant that grows up to 30 cm in height. This plant has purple flowers with six petals. Saffron flowers have three flags and a female leading to the three-branched stigma in red. The part used in this plant is the end of the cream and the three-branched stigma, which is known as saffron and has a fragrant color and smell. It is a plant that is valuable because of its great value. It is called red gold and is the main income of the people in the cities of Khorasan.

Date miladsaman

Dates are a type of fruit that has a hard core and thin skin and is located in the form of large clusters on the trees. Dates are in the group of palms. Trees that you must have seen up close or in movies and photos. The height of these palms sometimes reaches up to 20 meters.

The unripe fruit of the date is called “Khark” or Khark and the date that is in the first stage of full ripening is called Rotab. Rutab is a word that is quite familiar among us Iranians and in fact it has the most consumption, especially in big cities.

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